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  • Texas Car Dealer Supports Tesla Direct Sales Model

    There comes a period when you start to understand the old rules simply don’t work in addition to they should.

    Just ask Mr. Elon Musk.

    Musk, co-founder and CEO of U.S.-based Tesla Motors, is no stranger to Texas, selling several of his popular, high-performance one hundred percent electric cars to Texans. Musk is also well known for developing plans for a SpaceX launching facility in Brownsville – a move that promises to transform the economy in the lower Rio Grande Valley.


  • Steps to Having a Pinterest Worthy Life

    There are many women who have pins on their Pinterest board that number in the thousands. Perhaps you are one of those omen who spends way more time than you should looking up recipes, finding craft projects or finding design ideas, just like millions of others. You may also be one of those woman that don’t have the time or the skills to actually start doing these projects. Here are a couple of tips to start adding some of your pins to your every day life.

    1. Take a Cooking Class


    If you can barely boil water when you are trying to cook, but have a million tasty recipes on your Pinterest boards, there is still hope. Start taking lessons on how to cook the basics first, either through a local school or by having a friend help you out. As time goes on, start doing more and more complicated recipes. One day you will be able to do the fancy looking things you see online.

    2. Learn Where to Find Used Furniture


    The best way to learn how to do some of the design projects that you see is to find some used furniture and just to experiment with it until you get it to work. Yard sales and thrift stores are great places to look for used furniture, some of which may be decades old and now have a nice retro look to them. With a car that can carry just about any size furniture, such as the Dodge Grand Caravan from http://mcpeeksdodge.com, you don’t need to have to worry about whether you will be able to get that perfect item home. While a family car, the Grand Caravan also has a lot of cargo space and the ability to fold the rear seats completely flat, meaning that you can fit just about everything. Find out more about the Grand Caravan and schedule a test drive at http://mcpeeksdodge.com.

    3. Experiment

    If you see that craft project that you know you just have to have on your wall, don’t be afraid to try it for yourself. Craft supplies are often pretty inexpensive, meaning that it is not going to cost you a fortune to try and have something not come out as planned. You may find that you can do some projects better than others, but there is no way to find out what works until you try.

  • QUINNY MOODD STROLLER – Why Is It Actually Made Of

    There are few companies that truly understand great design. Apple, of course, is just one, as their designs are simple and clean but still boast more functionality than bulkier, more cluttered products. And in the world of strollers, there’s Quinny. If Steve Jobs and Jony Ive had teamed up to produce a stroller, this would be it. Their Moodd stroller has beautifully clean lines that are enhanced by its white frame, nevertheless hidden in the design are wide ranging smart, well thought out design features and operations.


    Let’s start with the basics. The Quinny Moodd stroller can be a birth to 3 1/2 stroller that may quite literally take you anywhere. For comfort of pushing, it’s fitted with two large rear wheels and a single, lockable wheel in the front. For city strolling and easy maneuvering, leave the top wheel unlocked, and the Moodd is easily probably the most maneuverable stroller I’ve ever used. When the terrain turns into a little rougher or you’re going on a long walk in a direction, lock the front wheel for perfect straight line pushing. As an everyday, around town stroller, the Quinny Moodd is simply perfect to push.

    Quinny Moodd Stroller rear facing seat

    Beyond the basics, Quinny’s Moodd is extremely versatile and simply adjustable. To get started on, the Quinny Moodd can be fitted with either a Quinny Bassinet (the Dreami or the Tuuk), making it the perfect choice for newborns and up, but as impressively, the Moodd is compatible with almost any car seat available on the market, thanks to the Multi-Model Adapter. Should you don’t desire to use either a bassinet or car seat, Quinny’s standard reclining seat works extremely well from birth on up, providing a one size fits all option as well, and it also works wonderfully. For newborns or tired toddlers, recline the seat and adjust the footrest up to get a perfectly quiet afternoon stroll. To give your kids a better view, turn the seat facing forward and let them take in the world. Rotating the seat is incredibly fast and simple, as is making adjustments to the seating position. And while your kids is riding in perfect comfort, Quinny thought about your comfort at the same time, making adjusting the handlebar height to perfectly fit you so easy and accessible you can adjust as you go.

    Quinny also considered safety in the design, incorporating a UV 50 sun shade that extends as a result of protect the fairest of skin. As well as for days that are anything but sunny, the rain cover and repellant fabric can be found in extremely handy. The fabric applied to the Mood is especialy worth noting, as chances are something is going to get spilled or mud is going to be tracked in on little feet. The material on both the seat along with the bassinets are easy to clean, keeping the Moodd looking like new no matter how dirty things get.

    Quinny Moodd Stroller reclining seat

    If you’re headed to the farmer’s market or plan on doing a bigger volume of shopping, I recommend the Quinny Box that attaches between the split rear wheels and also the matching Zapp Xtra cupholder for your morning coffee or fresh squeezed juice, storage wise, the Moodd comes with a integrated shopping basket that could hold up to 11 pounds, and. For everyday use, the Quinny Moodd modular storage has everything you need to stow your goods while you take your child on the run .

    There’s no question that you’ll first fall in love with the Quinny Moodd according to its design, it is all the art since it is a stroller. But with it’s one button unfolding, its customizable options, easy and smooth steering and it’s brilliant design features, you’ll go to love your Quinny Moodd for so much more than its beauty. For people who love great design and are looking to minimize their level of baby gear, the Mood is precisely what you’ve been looking for.

  • What Lead To Dodge Viper Recall Of Small-Handed Mechanics


    It has been across a year since Chrysler first announced its recall of three. The repairs are finally beginning, and it appears to be a nightmare for mechanics 660 2003-2004 Dodge Vipers because the airbag could suddenly deploy.

    According to the automaker’s filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the airbag control module can fail, which causes the bag or maybe the seatbelt pre-tensioner to deploy without warning. According to The New York Times, it took over a year to design the latest parts. Chrysler finally has a new jumper harness with the in-line diode filter circuit ready to fix the problem, however.

    The dilemma now moves to the mechanics that have to actually install the part. A 47-step guide from Chrysler explains that the procedure should take about 2 hours. , although it’s not an easy job Most of the dashboard has to be taken apart, and also the instructions include this helpful bit of advice: Installing the jumper filter and harness box into position is not always easy. , and small hands are required. We wish the best of luck to them.Patience and perseverance The fix comes just over time for the Vipers to enjoy summer time sun.

  • European Style on an American Budget

    We’re living in tough economic times. Most Americans have been forced to significantly trim down their budgets since the financial crisis of the mid 2000s. Maybe you can’t afford that European vacation you’ve been longing to take this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel some chic style from across the pond! Drawing inspiration from European fashion, food, and design can bring new color to your life! Here are some ideas that will help you find your joie de vivre without breaking the bank.

    Dress the Part


    Europeans are known for their impeccable fashion sense. From Channel to Gucci, many of the world’s iconic design houses operate out of Europe. While some might assume that every Parisian has a closet filled with designer duds, most Europeans do their shopping at chain stores, just like us! What sets their style apart is attention to fit and a preference for timeless elegance. Europeans know that they can build a wardrobe based on affordable pieces, like slim jeans and lightweight blazers from stores such as H&M, if they invest the small amount of time and money it takes to have those pieces altered to fit. Americans don’t have nearly the same appreciation for the art of tailoring that Europeans do. But we should! Those cheap jeans from Target can be completely transformed for under $20.00 in the hands of a skilled seamstress. Sharp dressers from the other side of the pond also seem less interested in trend dressing than most Americans. They know that fads come and go, but classic simplicity endures. Take a note from European fashion plates, and skip the latest runway craze. Instead, invest your money in quality, daily wardrobe staples that will last, like a great trench coat or cashmere sweater. Go from sloppy to standout with lasting, well tailored looks pulled straight off the streets of Europe!

    Get Cooking


    If thoughts of a luscious soufflé or perfectly cooked homemade pasta make your mouth water, then don’t wait until the next time you’re able to cross the Atlantic to indulge. It has never been easier or more affordable to experiment in the kitchen than it is in the Information Age. You don’t have to spend your hard earned money on expensive cooking classes or cookbooks that just gather dust on the shelves. YouTube is an endless resource for cooking tutorials that will walk you through each step of a recipe. Save your money for a trip to the grocery store, and bring the bistro to your kitchen table!

    Indulge in Design


    While there are plenty of ways to cut corners with your budget, sometimes it’s worth buying for quality. This is particularly true with bigger items, like furniture or a car. Stop wasting dough on that old clunker and consider upgrading to an efficient new car, like the Fiat 500c from www.ocfiat.com. These Italian beauties are built to last. Just check out the models listed at http://www.ocfiat.com and you’ll see that quality is worth every penny.

  • What Phoenix Motorcars Has Been Working On The Past Days


    It’s been a long while since we’ve covered Phoenix Motorcars. Following the company’s 2009 bankruptcy plus a shift in focus away from light duty vehicles, Phoenix fell off our radar a bit. But, as promised all of the years ago, Phoenix is still focusing on alternative-fuel vehicles and has just announced the launch of any new electric vehicle platform and all-electric shuttle bus.

    The brand new electric vehicle platform is modular and designed to become a 14-passenger, all-electric shuttle bus for US and international markets. We’ve asked Phoenix to explain how the new platform is different from the 14-passenger electric shuttle van using a 100-mile range based on the Ford E350/450 Series work truck that Phoenix launched a year ago, but have not yet heard back.

    Back in its heyday, Phoenix was focusing on a SUT, an electric sports utility truck that used a SsangYong donor vehicle.

  • Jetta CC Sedan Is Here


    Volkswagen’s ‘New Midsized Coupe’ (NMC) concept, revealed at last week’s Beijing Auto Show, is expected to get into production inside the not-too-distant future.

    And even in concept form, the sleek sedan (or four-door ‘coupe’ if we’re to take Volkswagen’s angle) looks willing to hit the path.

    These latest renderings, from design wiz Theophilus Chin, pull the NMC closer to production with the addition of conventional bumpers and tail-lights and a set of regular Golf R wheels.

    But as close as being the NMC looks to making a beeline to the assembly line, Volkswagen has yet to ensure plans for any production future.

    For now, VW has revealed that the NMC is built in the new Golf’s MQB platform and boasts dimensions that will see the ‘coupe sedan’ sold alongside the favorite hatch and its particular Jetta sibling.

    And despite its slightly sleeker roofline, Volkswagen says the NMC offers comparable interior space to the Jetta sedan, plus a sizeable 500 litres of rear storage.

    In concept form, the NMC rides on big 20-inch wheels and draws power from your same 162kW 2. litre turbo engine that drives the new Golf GTI.

    Whether we’ll start to see the NMC debut as a ‘Jetta CC’ remains to be seen, although reports suggest this more affordable alternative to the Mercedes-Benz CLA – as well as the Volkswagen Group’s own Audi A3 Sedan – has already been set for production.

    We can easily expect more details to surface over the coming year. if that’s true.

  • Buying a Car for an Elderly Driver


    People are living longer than ever before today and due to all the fantastic advancements in medical science in recent years, they’re living those extra years in relatively good health, many still able to function and live on their own. As the population gets older, many are still driving regularly. If an elderly driver in your family is looking for a new car, you might be unclear about what would be a suitable vehicle for them. Buying a car for a senior citizen is a new experience for most people. But like buying a car for you, your partner, or your teenage child, it’s important to think about the specific needs of the person you’re buying the car for.


    Like anyone, an elderly driver can have very specific needs, but it’s most important to find a car that the driver is comfortable with. If they had their last car for a long time, a brand new car with many automated features might not be an easy transition for them. You can visit websites like www.ocauto.com with your family member to show them things that are available. Point out different features and discuss with them what they like and don’t like in a car. Ask them what types of new features interest them and note if any seem like they sound intimidating. After you’ve visited http://www.ocauto.com, or other similar sites, you can then go to a car lot with your family member and let them try out some cars. Have them sit in different cars that they like and see if they feel comfortable. When they find one that they seem happy with, make sure they take it on a test drive. Ride with them to ensure that they seem comfortable and happy with their choice.

  • These Reasons Are Imporant Why Your Teens Need To Learn How To Drive


    The moment you’ve been dreading for almost 16 years is finally here. It’s time for the teenager to learn how to drive. If you’re going to teach your teen to get or let a professional driving instructor do it, whether it’s your first go-round or your last kiddo, you have to decide. If you’re still on the fence about what’s great for your teen, take a look at these seven great things about teaching your teen to operate to help make your final decision a little clearer.

    They are able to learn from your own experiences:

    Teens may benefit most from hearing your personal driving experiences rather than from an instructor they don’t know. Speak with your teenager about your ups and down of driving and tell stories of any tickets or car crashes you were associated with and everything you learned from those experiences. You can turn any personal driving story into a valuable learning lesson for your kid.

    Drive whenever, wherever you want:

    Homeschooled teens have more possibilities to practice driving whenever, wherever. Every outing to the food store, soccer practice, or journey to the city can be a valuable learning experience for your teen. This will help them become more comfortable behind the wheel and present them the ability to act out real-life scenarios.

    Earn your trust:

    After spending 50 hours or higher supervising your teen behind the wheel, you’re likely to feel considerably more confident concerning their driving skills. Hopefully, they will have earned your trust in the end of the course and feel happier about tackling the wide open road without you.

    Go more in-depth with the lessons:

    As a driving instructor, you have the ability to go more in-depth with your lessons and talk about driving more often than driving school instructors. Unlike most driver’s education courses, you will get time to thoroughly discuss the before and after for each lesson and talk about other driving topics, such as maintenance, repairs, along with the anatomy of the car. You can even teach your teen the best way to change a tire, jumpstart a battery, test the oil and coolant levels, and much more.

    More one-on-one time:

    A huge benefit of teaching your teen to drive yourself is that you get plenty of valuable one-on-one time. You don’t have to bother about other teens being in a vehicle or instructors rushing through lessons. It’s just your child. During this period, you can discuss the seriousness of driving and speak about your driving expectations.


    One of the biggest benefits associated with teaching your teen to get is the convenience of being able to do it on your own time. You can organize the driving lessons to fit around your schedule and use nights or weekends to suit in lessons when it’s convenient for you and your child. You don’t have to mess with dropping off and picking up your teen after their driving education class.


    Teaching your teen to drive is less expensive than registering in a driver education school. Depending on where you reside, a parent teaching program will almost certainly cost not more than $20 or $30. The cash you save from not enrolling in a driver education school can be put toward your teen’s insurance or first car.