What Phoenix Motorcars Has Been Working On The Past Days


It’s been a long while since we’ve covered Phoenix Motorcars. Following the company’s 2009 bankruptcy plus a shift in focus away from light duty vehicles, Phoenix fell off our radar a bit. But, as promised all of the years ago, Phoenix is still focusing on alternative-fuel vehicles and has just announced the launch of any new electric vehicle platform and all-electric shuttle bus.

The brand new electric vehicle platform is modular and designed to become a 14-passenger, all-electric shuttle bus for US and international markets. We’ve asked Phoenix to explain how the new platform is different from the 14-passenger electric shuttle van using a 100-mile range based on the Ford E350/450 Series work truck that Phoenix launched a year ago, but have not yet heard back.

Back in its heyday, Phoenix was focusing on a SUT, an electric sports utility truck that used a SsangYong donor vehicle.

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