Tips for Greener Driving

The importance of becoming carbon friendly and green driving has never been more relevant. It’s up to all of us to do our bit and help to save this fragile planet we call home – polluting the atmosphere in giant gas guzzlers is no longer acceptable and even drivers of giant gas guzzlers need to do their bit towards helping to ensure that their gas guzzlers guzzle even that little bit less gas than usual (this is starting to feel like one of those tongue twisters).


Even the most unfriendly of motors can be made that little bit friendlier by following these green driving tips which not only help the environment but they also help your bank balance.

• Be smooth and steady – everything which you do quickly and abruptly uses up more fuel, that’s the easiest way to think about it. Accelerate slowly and steadily, slow down and speed up gradually and carefully – abrupt stopping and starting just means that your car engine has to work even harder than usual which all takes additional fuel.

• Throw out the clutter – the heavier your vehicle the more fuel it will take to make it move, stands to reason really. Do you really need to carry your set of golf clubs everywhere you go just in case you can nip off from the office for an hour? No, I didn’t think so. Every pound of additional weight is ballast which just means that you are burning more fuel to carry it.

• Cut down on the resistance – air resistance that is. If you are still driving around with the luggage box on the car roof from your road trip last spring then take it off, the bike racks too from your cycling weekend 3 months ago. Streamlining your ride helps to cut down the resistance and save on fuel.


• Close your windows – and your sunroof if you are driving at speeds of more than 40 mph – it’s such a drag and drag uses fuel.

• Try walking once in a while – too many people get into the habit of hopping into the car to drive around the block for a bottle of milk. Short and non-urgent trips should be enjoyed on foot or by bicycle instead of adding to the stress and pollution of your friendly neighborhood traffic jam. Get out and walk, you never know, it could catch on.

• Keep things running smoothly – a well maintained vehicle is a fuel efficient vehicle so it is important that you check your oil levels, tire pressures, battery etc every once in a while to make sure that everything is working as it should.


• Protect your car from extreme temperatures – don’t just snuggle down in your own cozy bed, get your car an insulating blanket for the frosty nights too. This can help your engine to achieve the maximum fuel efficiency sooner the next morning; you won’t have to leave the engine running for a half hour before everything is warmed up sufficiently for the drive around the block.

There are some great energy efficient motors available at which can help you to save money on your gas guzzler but even if you are a gas guzzler kind of guy then these tips can help you to become that little bit greener. Check out the deals at and see what takes your fancy. There’s bound to be something there which really catches your eye and remember – follow these driving tips to help reduce the carbon emissions of your chosen motor, whatever that may be.

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