QUINNY MOODD STROLLER – Why Is It Actually Made Of

There are few companies that truly understand great design. Apple, of course, is just one, as their designs are simple and clean but still boast more functionality than bulkier, more cluttered products. And in the world of strollers, there’s Quinny. If Steve Jobs and Jony Ive had teamed up to produce a stroller, this would be it. Their Moodd stroller has beautifully clean lines that are enhanced by its white frame, nevertheless hidden in the design are wide ranging smart, well thought out design features and operations.


Let’s start with the basics. The Quinny Moodd stroller can be a birth to 3 1/2 stroller that may quite literally take you anywhere. For comfort of pushing, it’s fitted with two large rear wheels and a single, lockable wheel in the front. For city strolling and easy maneuvering, leave the top wheel unlocked, and the Moodd is easily probably the most maneuverable stroller I’ve ever used. When the terrain turns into a little rougher or you’re going on a long walk in a direction, lock the front wheel for perfect straight line pushing. As an everyday, around town stroller, the Quinny Moodd is simply perfect to push.

Quinny Moodd Stroller rear facing seat

Beyond the basics, Quinny’s Moodd is extremely versatile and simply adjustable. To get started on, the Quinny Moodd can be fitted with either a Quinny Bassinet (the Dreami or the Tuuk), making it the perfect choice for newborns and up, but as impressively, the Moodd is compatible with almost any car seat available on the market, thanks to the Multi-Model Adapter. Should you don’t desire to use either a bassinet or car seat, Quinny’s standard reclining seat works extremely well from birth on up, providing a one size fits all option as well, and it also works wonderfully. For newborns or tired toddlers, recline the seat and adjust the footrest up to get a perfectly quiet afternoon stroll. To give your kids a better view, turn the seat facing forward and let them take in the world. Rotating the seat is incredibly fast and simple, as is making adjustments to the seating position. And while your kids is riding in perfect comfort, Quinny thought about your comfort at the same time, making adjusting the handlebar height to perfectly fit you so easy and accessible you can adjust as you go.

Quinny also considered safety in the design, incorporating a UV 50 sun shade that extends as a result of protect the fairest of skin. As well as for days that are anything but sunny, the rain cover and repellant fabric can be found in extremely handy. The fabric applied to the Mood is especialy worth noting, as chances are something is going to get spilled or mud is going to be tracked in on little feet. The material on both the seat along with the bassinets are easy to clean, keeping the Moodd looking like new no matter how dirty things get.

Quinny Moodd Stroller reclining seat

If you’re headed to the farmer’s market or plan on doing a bigger volume of shopping, I recommend the Quinny Box that attaches between the split rear wheels and also the matching Zapp Xtra cupholder for your morning coffee or fresh squeezed juice, storage wise, the Moodd comes with a integrated shopping basket that could hold up to 11 pounds, and. For everyday use, the Quinny Moodd modular storage has everything you need to stow your goods while you take your child on the run .

There’s no question that you’ll first fall in love with the Quinny Moodd according to its design, it is all the art since it is a stroller. But with it’s one button unfolding, its customizable options, easy and smooth steering and it’s brilliant design features, you’ll go to love your Quinny Moodd for so much more than its beauty. For people who love great design and are looking to minimize their level of baby gear, the Mood is precisely what you’ve been looking for.

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