Make traffic your happy place

If you don’t learn how to find some peace in the Southern California traffic, you’re at a huge disadvantage. Here in the land of sun and angels, traffic is just part of our regular existence and we can either fight it or embrace it. I’ve lived in Los Angeles ten years now, and I remember the day that something clicked in my brain and I ceased to get frustrated in traffic. The 405 was a parking lot and I was late for an appointment. The freeway was moving at about one mile per hour (I’m not exaggerating!) and the road rage was percolating from my every pore. And then this moment came when the sun reached that point in the sky that wasn’t right in my eyes and it got a little cooler. I said to myself, “I’ve been craving some alone time, and now I have it. What am I so upset about?” Traffic is something you can’t control so you shouldn’t pretend. You had best make it your happy place.


This all starts with the right car. For me, the right car is fuel efficient, has a working air conditioner, a blu-tooth system that allows me to call or text or listen to my ipod without ever taking my eyes off the road. Oh yeah, it also has to be very safe and equally sexy. I like to feel good in my car. That’s why I recommend any of the vehicles from the latest armada of Nissans. The Nissan Altima is a stunning sedan that is professional looking and fun to drive. It comes as a hybrid, so you won’t have to spend a ton on gas and it’s loaded with standard safety features that will make you feel as safe as can be. What’s more, the blu-tooth technology that it comes with allows you, the driver, to listen to podcasts, books on tape or talk on the phone, all at the push of a button on the steering wheel. That makes your car easier to maneuver, safer to you and your neighbors on the road, and more a delight to pilot. I like to get in my car and let my Pandora lead the mood of my drive.


If you’re in the market for a new car, or if you are loathing your daily commute, a new Altima will improve your quality of life exponentially. Find one at either or and get inspired on your commute.


Now my car has become my best friend. Through my podcasts it regularly informs about my interesting world, and I stay connected to my family and friends on all of those previously painful commutes. Happy traffic everyone!

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