Buying a Car for an Elderly Driver


People are living longer than ever before today and due to all the fantastic advancements in medical science in recent years, they’re living those extra years in relatively good health, many still able to function and live on their own. As the population gets older, many are still driving regularly. If an elderly driver in your family is looking for a new car, you might be unclear about what would be a suitable vehicle for them. Buying a car for a senior citizen is a new experience for most people. But like buying a car for you, your partner, or your teenage child, it’s important to think about the specific needs of the person you’re buying the car for.


Like anyone, an elderly driver can have very specific needs, but it’s most important to find a car that the driver is comfortable with. If they had their last car for a long time, a brand new car with many automated features might not be an easy transition for them. You can visit websites like with your family member to show them things that are available. Point out different features and discuss with them what they like and don’t like in a car. Ask them what types of new features interest them and note if any seem like they sound intimidating. After you’ve visited, or other similar sites, you can then go to a car lot with your family member and let them try out some cars. Have them sit in different cars that they like and see if they feel comfortable. When they find one that they seem happy with, make sure they take it on a test drive. Ride with them to ensure that they seem comfortable and happy with their choice.

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